Fiona Gould Consulting Ltd

Although I spend most of my time working with Market Focus Consulting, helping major corporate clients with strategic and marketing planning, I also do work in the voluntary and community sector.

Some of this is voluntary and has included:

And I occasionally work on a reduced-fee basis with organisations in the Community and Voluntary sector helping with:

I do not 'write plans' for organisations – I coach management teams to develop their own. This way plans are both owned and implemented – not stuck in a drawer.

I utilise both my experience in the ‘business world’ and that of working in, and with, charitable organisations. I design processes appropriate to the specific needs of clients, and coach their management teams through the development of robust plans. My approach is both inclusive and challenging, so teams feel committed to the implementation of their plans, but also confident in the plan's robustness.

I appreciate how difficult it is for volunteers to commit their time to strategy development and planning, so I try to streamline processes and activities to the minimum conducive to a reasonable quality output. I take an extremely pragmatic approach to planning and prioritisation, trying to help develop material that will genuinely help organisations meet their objectives – and the needs of their key stakeholders.

If you think I may be able to help you, then please get in touch to discuss options.